Jessica van Twuiver, studying Fashion Promotion and Imaging, said “My project developed from holiday in Greece. In Zakynthos I went to the ship wreck bay: the island is a true paradise but it has a dark side; the effects of mass tourism. I saw stray animals, abandoned buildings and I linked this with how I feel about the fashion industry. There is a dark side; there is waste, the cruelty of the fur industry and horrible conditions of the people who make clothes. My project is to establish an eco-friendly luxury range of fashion lingerie; against animal cruelty, pro-fair wages, locally produced using low impact fabrics and materials. I believe if we can each make a little difference and start to inspire others, then together we can make a big difference.”

Transparent Boundaries' partners

We’re celebrating the success of EU Culture-funded Transparent Boundaries, an inter-disciplinary and cross-generational cultural project that questions and explores the boundaries between the older generation, the society and the cultural setting in which they live.  Professor Lesley Millar has been the UCA lead for this trans-national programme and we reproduce her comments from the UCA Research newsletter below;

On Tuesday April 29th all partners in the EU Culture Fund project Transparent Boundaries came together at UCA Farnham for a final meeting and evening celebration for this two year project focussing on increasing the visibility of older people: the Elder.

UCA led with partners from Denmark: Aalborg University; Greece: Helenic Regional Development Centre; Italy: Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali and supported by Gallery Tkacka in Poland.

This was the opportunity to reflect on all that had been achieved, which is considerable: 49 events! across and between all partner countries, as documented on the website. And this success was also confirmed in the draft evaluation. 

As a ‘closure’ we pulled all the activities together in a beautiful, fully illustrated publication. Deputy Director of Research and Enterprise Uwe Derksen spoke briefly about the organisation which had underpinned the project, Professor Lesley Millar spoke about the project itself and UCA lead artist Diana Harrison spoke about her work in Poland with members of the public, her collaboration with choreographer Giulio D’Anna and the exhibition of the work in Wroclaw.

What can never be captured in images and texts is how it felt to be there, to be a part of the interventions in each country which generated such intense commitment, exchange and emotion. It has changed all of us who have participated and forged relationships between generations and cultures which will continue and develop, hopefully at the very least into a new EU project.