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We’re celebrating the success of EU Culture-funded Transparent Boundaries, an inter-disciplinary and cross-generational cultural project that questions and explores the boundaries between the older generation, the society and the cultural setting in which they live.  Professor Lesley Millar has been the UCA lead for this trans-national programme and we reproduce her comments from the UCA Research newsletter below;

On Tuesday April 29th all partners in the EU Culture Fund project Transparent Boundaries came together at UCA Farnham for a final meeting and evening celebration for this two year project focussing on increasing the visibility of older people: the Elder.

UCA led with partners from Denmark: Aalborg University; Greece: Helenic Regional Development Centre; Italy: Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali and supported by Gallery Tkacka in Poland.

This was the opportunity to reflect on all that had been achieved, which is considerable: 49 events! across and between all partner countries, as documented on the website. And this success was also confirmed in the draft evaluation. 

As a ‘closure’ we pulled all the activities together in a beautiful, fully illustrated publication. Deputy Director of Research and Enterprise Uwe Derksen spoke briefly about the organisation which had underpinned the project, Professor Lesley Millar spoke about the project itself and UCA lead artist Diana Harrison spoke about her work in Poland with members of the public, her collaboration with choreographer Giulio D’Anna and the exhibition of the work in Wroclaw.

What can never be captured in images and texts is how it felt to be there, to be a part of the interventions in each country which generated such intense commitment, exchange and emotion. It has changed all of us who have participated and forged relationships between generations and cultures which will continue and develop, hopefully at the very least into a new EU project.  


You’re invited! Celebrate Transparent Boundaries with us

Lines of Desire, an artwork created by older people in a Transparent Boundaries workshop. Image by Professor Lesley Millar

Transparent Boundaries Celebration

May sees the conclusion of a dynamic two-year project, Transparent Boundaries, which examines the role and transformational power of creative practice within the context of aging society. A cross-disciplinary and truly international project, Transparent Boundaries has involved elders  from the UK, Greece, Denmark and Poland working with artists to document and explore art forms such as singing, photography and dance.


Project lead at UCA is Lesley Millar, who says

“Transparent Boundaries is about empowerment; using creative means and lace-based metaphor and motif for creating networks and dialogue that facilitates the empowerment of the elderly and making them visible in society. “

We invite you to join us in celebrating the successful completion of the EU Culture Fund project.

Where: University for the Creative Arts, Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DS

When: April 29th 6pm – 7pm

There will be a short presentation about the project during which you will have the opportunity to see and hear about some of the moving and extraordinary events which have been a part of Transparent Boundaries. These will include Cinzia Camela’s beautiful video ‘The Perfect Form’ choreographed by Giulio D’Anna and performed at UCA Farnham by Nicholas Minns and Ann Dickie. The presentation will be followed by an informal gathering with refreshments.

For more information, contact Clare Wunderly

Calling all creatives: EKCC III

Áine Belton at work on 'Drawing Time: A time for tea' at an EKCC networking event. Image by Sebastian Kaye.

East Kent’s creative ecology meets up again with EKCC’s third networking event, EKCC III,  to be held at to be held at UCA Canterbury and Dover on 13th of June 2014.  The event will begin in Canterbury and travel, along with the delegates, to Dover, where it will continue with a visual communication show and networking at Dover Arts Development’s new gallery and studio space. The this meet-up will give staff, students and creative practitioners in East Kent another chance to discuss, design and collaborate. Previous delegates have found opportunities to extend and advance their practice through learning what other creatives do.

Graphic designer and alumna of UCA Áine Belton remembers her first networking event. She says:

EKCC gave me a platform for discussion around a crucial point of the research I was undertaking in my creative practice and provided me as a student with an invaluable audience of peers, some of which I was later to work with in a curatorial practice with CRATE. “ The event called together many creative industries from all around Kent that for one day allowed our campus to be the catalyst for communication and development. It’s a crucial experience for any student – especially those that are not too familiar with living in the UK for the first time.

As a new graduate,Charley Vines, now a practicing artist based in Canterbury and Margate, found the networking events valuable . She says:

 EKCC launched in the same year I graduated (2012), which was great for me and other new graduates as it provided an initial platform for conversation with members of different arts organisations in the area. I have found that many of these conversations have led to a provision of support for my practice, as well as involvement in local projects.


Louisa Love, graduate of UCA and now a practising artist,  agrees. She says

Having always lived (and studied) in Kent, these vital networks, conversations and opportunities have created a support structure which has helped me to sustain and develop my practice as an artist in a really meaningful way, and to consequently stay really connected to the area.

Having graduated from UCA in 2013, what I am currently doing is developing my practice as an artist in Kent, particularly through collaborative work. I am a member of Collaborative Research Group , which is an 18-month ‘alternative education’ and research programme based at CRATE in Margate and partnered with UCA. It’s especially collaborative initiatives such as this that have kept me linked up and therefore continue to provide me with numerous opportunities.

Louisa’s story

For more information email Marta Patlewicz