Does size matter?

Underwater Installation by Nicholas Floc'h

Underwater Installation by Nicholas Floc’h

UCA hosted an international Sculpture Network brunch event on 25 January 2015 at the Herbert Read Gallery at UCA Canterbury.  The exhibition and talks were introduced by Uwe Derksen who produced the event. Marta Patlewicz curated the exhibition which forms part of the portfolio of research activities of The Sculpture Question research Group at UCA Canterbury. International sculptors Anthony Heywood and Nicolas Floc’h exhibited and talked about their work -The Dove of Peace and an Underwater Installation respectively – in the context of the Sculpture Network 2015 theme “Size matters?”.

The research portfolio has included a number of talks and research seminars, including The Sculpture Question conference as part of the Folkestone Triennial 2014.  The event was part-funded by the EU Interreg Channel  Programme.

The Sculpture Network is Europe’s leading  platform for three-dimensional art and is a non-profit organisation for the support, encouragement and promotion of contemporary sculpture. The Sculpture Network is for: artists, art professionals, art mediators, organisations, institutions and friends of the arts.

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UCA and ESADHaR create together

A Sense of Place Dover team

Another successful collaboration – between UCA and ESADHaR in Le Havre – was celebrated with A Sense of Place, an exhibition of artwork by students of both universities.

A Sense of Place was the showpiece of months of research by the students, who, over the last year, examined the social, cultural, historical and architectural aspects of these two World Heritage sites and created their graphic responses, ranging from book art and posters to wallpaper designs. A Sense of Place has been exhibited as part of art and place festivals across the south east and France, including the Folkestone Fringe 2014 and East Kent Cultural Conversations June 2014 with Dover Arts.

Hugh Harwood, Course Leader – Communication Media Cluster, School of Communication Design, says

 Over the past two years, UCA Canterbury has developed a partnership with ESADaR art school in Le Havre. Students and Staff from both institutions have created graphic responses to each of these contrasting environments;  both UNESCO world heritage sites but so different – the high modernism of Le Havre and the medieval foundations of Canterbury.

We are also developing a partnership with ESADaR art school in Le Havre. Through this partnership we are developing close links with staff and students, as well collaborative projects, culminating in a range of publications and exhibitions. The first of these was exhibited alongside a symposium on the theme ‘sense of place’ at UCA Canterbury and Dover Arts Development gallery in Dover in June and this was then developed into an exhibition that showed at the Brewery Tap in Folkestone as part of the Triennial fringe and then moved to UCA Canterbury gallery in Sept/Oct 2014. Further material and publications will be developed across the next year to be part of the Saison Graphique festival in Le Havre 2015.

A Sense of Place

Student Nikita Shergill selected for exhibition and residency

Nikita Shergill, studying for the BA (Hons) Photography (Contemporary Practice), was selected to take part in an exhibition and student exchange as part of  Work In Progress (WIP)  with students from the “Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Photographie” (ENSP) in the ancient Saint-Julien church in Arles. This event is curated by a professional photographer, chosen by the students.

Exhibition dates: 10-26 July, 2014 (tbc), during the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie:  which takes place from 7 July – 21 September.

During the students’ East Kent residency, the chosen ENSP student and Nikita  will present their work, talk about the WIP exhibition and their experience of Arles at UCA Rochester and potentially at UCA Canterbury.

The residency will be during the internationally acclaimed Folkestone Triennial Contemporary Art Festival  ( 30th August – 2nd November.) Possibilities are being explored for a showing of the ENSP student’s work at the Medway Photo Festival in January 2015 and also with an exhibition in Dover with Nikita Shergill  as part of the Folkestone Triennial Fringe.

The selection panel was composed of members of UCA, Dover Arts Development and Pierre-Yves Brest the WIP curator.

A Sense of Place in East Kent

Canterbury and Dover play host to East Kent Cultural Conversations III’s symposium, exhibition and networking event on 13th June 2014. This one-day event will bring together academia, art organisations and cultural institutions as well as individual artists and designers to share the achievements and foresights into East Kent cultural development.

The day will offer a forum in which to share approaches, findings and theoretical insights regarding creating a sense of place.

There will be  six keynote papers delivered by cultural catalysts and visionaries from East Kent and beyond. The talks will reflect on the sense of innovation, regional and social cohesion, borders & boundaries, collective identity, cultural representation of a region, physical and social transition and more. In the afternoon delegates will enjoy  A Sense of Place exhibition by University for the Creative Arts and École Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre Rouen at Dover.

To participate in the event please register via EKCC’s website by 1st of June:

To present at the event, please submit a 200 words proposal by Friday 23rd of May to Marta Patlewicz at



Cheriton Lights February 2014 gallery – with thanks to Strange Cargo

Calling all creatives: EKCC III

Áine Belton at work on 'Drawing Time: A time for tea' at an EKCC networking event. Image by Sebastian Kaye.

East Kent’s creative ecology meets up again with EKCC’s third networking event, EKCC III,  to be held at to be held at UCA Canterbury and Dover on 13th of June 2014.  The event will begin in Canterbury and travel, along with the delegates, to Dover, where it will continue with a visual communication show and networking at Dover Arts Development’s new gallery and studio space. The this meet-up will give staff, students and creative practitioners in East Kent another chance to discuss, design and collaborate. Previous delegates have found opportunities to extend and advance their practice through learning what other creatives do.

Graphic designer and alumna of UCA Áine Belton remembers her first networking event. She says:

EKCC gave me a platform for discussion around a crucial point of the research I was undertaking in my creative practice and provided me as a student with an invaluable audience of peers, some of which I was later to work with in a curatorial practice with CRATE. “ The event called together many creative industries from all around Kent that for one day allowed our campus to be the catalyst for communication and development. It’s a crucial experience for any student – especially those that are not too familiar with living in the UK for the first time.

As a new graduate,Charley Vines, now a practicing artist based in Canterbury and Margate, found the networking events valuable . She says:

 EKCC launched in the same year I graduated (2012), which was great for me and other new graduates as it provided an initial platform for conversation with members of different arts organisations in the area. I have found that many of these conversations have led to a provision of support for my practice, as well as involvement in local projects.


Louisa Love, graduate of UCA and now a practising artist,  agrees. She says

Having always lived (and studied) in Kent, these vital networks, conversations and opportunities have created a support structure which has helped me to sustain and develop my practice as an artist in a really meaningful way, and to consequently stay really connected to the area.

Having graduated from UCA in 2013, what I am currently doing is developing my practice as an artist in Kent, particularly through collaborative work. I am a member of Collaborative Research Group , which is an 18-month ‘alternative education’ and research programme based at CRATE in Margate and partnered with UCA. It’s especially collaborative initiatives such as this that have kept me linked up and therefore continue to provide me with numerous opportunities.

Louisa’s story

For more information email Marta Patlewicz