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We bid for, are awarded and manage large-scale projects which benefit students, academics and creative communities alike. We also create Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and student opportunities for development and  we provide expert services to business.

Find out more about our current projects:

East Kent Cultural Conversations:

Building a strong creative ecology in East Kent.


one is more

An Orchestra Network for Europe

The  ONE® is more   project is part funded under the Creative Europe programme and runs between July 2015 to March 2019. The project has been inspired by a long-standing collaboration between seven orchestras from across Europe.  Following the successful ACT project, UCA have been invited to become the only UK partner.

Please contact: dharmer@ucreative.ac.uk

For more information on the involvement of the Computer Animation Arts course see:

Computer Animation Arts + ONE® is more

 Look back at the exciting work we have been doing:

 A Common Territory:

International collaboration to pool cultural, financial and human resources  to set up cultural events on both sides of the Channel.


CREATIVE challenge:

Supporting student enterprise; engagement with business

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Supporting the revival of textiles in a European context:

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Creative expertise and technical services for business

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New talent and ideas from UCA students

Inter-regional Cuture-led Regeneration:

Stimulating  the growth of the creative and cultural industries in the South and East England Coastal region and Par-de-Calais, Normandy and Brittany region.



Transforming vacant town centre premises into vibrant creative enterprise hubs

Students’ Tumblr

Transparent Boundaries:

improving the visibility of the elder in society through creative practice