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Winner 2014 Katryn Saqui accepts her prize

Our winners: Katryn Saqui and Loren Beven

Katryn Saqui and Loren Beven, both MA Fine Art, created a Cine-Boat, a boat transformed into a cinema showcasing site-specific creative films. “Our Cine-Boat is really a model for transforming unused, overlooked spaces and objects into magical cinema experiences. It is a micro-utopian solution for disconnection, fostering deeper and more meaningful connections to place.

Katryn and Loren live in Deal where there has been a big decline in the fishing industry. “Once there were 1000 fishing boats on the shore,” said Katryn, “now there are only a handful. Last summer we met Nigel, one of the last remaining fishermen in Deal. He really liked our idea of the fishing industry and contemporary art world colliding on the shore, so he introduced us to one of his friends who was excited about us transforming his boat, an Orkney Spinner, into a two-seater cinema.”

Katryn and Loren created a plush, luxurious two-seater movie house from the boat.

Joint second: Olivia Walker

Olivia Walker receives her prize

Olivia Walker receives her prize

Olivia Walker (MA Ceramics) created a programme of clay workshops for disaffected students in deprived areas of London. Olivia said:

“For me the Creative Challenge was about putting energy into a project which had a social conscience. It was talking to lots of like-minded people, who came from all different walks of life, to help each other clarify our ideas and develop our projects.  The best thing about participating in the Creative Challenge was the opportunity to talk to inspiring people about my project. We travelled to France and here I talked to industry specialists who helped me to make my proposal concise, detailed and realistic. It was also great to meet so many different people. It is rare to get the opportunity to work with people from so many different backgrounds – we were all of different ages, nationalities and disciplines.  Today’s been a great chance to meet up with the other participants again and hear talks that emphasised the importance of linking the creative sector to social innovation.

Joint second: Patricia Mato-Mora

Patricia Mato-Mora (MA Contemporary Crafts) created a project to develop sustainable clay workshops in rural Africa, using the local clay and traditional as well as modern techniques to make bricks and other works.

Benjamin Laville and Delphine Boeschlin

Benjamin Laville and Delphine Boeschlin

Third place: Benjamin Laville joint with Delphine Boeschlin

Benjamin and Delphine worked on promoting graphic design to the public and local community through the Graphics Fair in Le Havre.


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