Creative Challenge: More success for Maria

Maria Torres presents her idea

Maria Torres’ project “Global Village” – touring workshops and exhibitions promoting cultural heritage in Portugal and the UK – originated from Maria’s commitment to finding economic solutions for people in Portugal and the UK who have felt the backlash of economic recession. Maria, student of Contemporary Jewellery, said, “I come from a big, traditional Portuguese family and many of them have had to move away to find jobs and careers, as I have done. Although I have loved my studies at UCA, one can feel homesick, so to make me feel closer to home I made pieces of jewellery that reminded me of my grandmother; a big-hipped sky-blue-eyed woman that wore filigree pieces for the day and larger, special pieces for Mass on Sundays.” Through Global Village, Maria hopes to promote her country through her artistic expertise and inspirations.

Maria has success not just as a Creative Challenge finalist but Global Village has also been judged as top ten in the competition ‘‘Ideas de Origem Portuguesa” (Ideas of Portuguese Origin) from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal. She has won a place to participate in a boot camp of 5 days in Portugal sponsored by INSEAD with all expenses paid, which will help Maria to define her idea further and start implementing it.