Lace Effects 2 opens

Dawn Cole's artwork "head case still bad"

Lace Effects 2, part of the Crysalis project and Moving Textiles series of exhibitions, opened on May 25th  at the International Centre for Lace and Fashion at Calais.  The works on displays were selected from the responses to a call for projects aimed at established professionals, young, up-and-coming designers and students, and transmitted through a network of Crysalis partners.The exhibition focuses on directly addressing the traditional techniques of handmade lace through a variety of artistic approaches.

Lace Effects 2 echoes Crysalis’ ethos of dedication to textile innovation, and features 20 artists from the UK, France and Belgium, including artist and printmaker Dawn Cole from North Kent and Gail Baxter, a current research degree student as well as Emma Gribble, artist at Plymouth College of Art, another Crysalis member.

Amputations Etc

Amputations Etc

Dawn says

I am delighted to be exhibiting as part of Lace effects 2. The museum at Calais has a beautiful collection and fascinating history and to have my works exhibited amongst these is a real honour. The 3 works exhibited are a part of a larger body of work entitled ‘Reading Between the Lines’. This comprises a series of solar plate etchings, printed using white ink on black paper, that respond to the archive of a WW1 VAD Nurse who was posted to France in Sept 1915. The prints, although appear to be of fine lace, are actually made from the words written in the nurses diary and explore ideas of entrapment and deception, the very origins of the word ‘lace’ itself.

Gail’s work, Tracing the Line, explores the connections between lace’s intrinsic nature as a series of holes, absences and gaps, and the inherent holes, absences and gaps in museum archives. The work is a free, contemporary interpretation of a lace pattern created by hand-sewing thread onto machine-made tulle.

Lace Effects 2 runs until 7th December 2014. More information here.